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Aims of our Nursery

*   To create a stimulating, caring and safe

     environment for all children in our care

     and to make sure their needs and safety

     are paramount and must override all other



*   To actively promote the development of

     each individual child, regardless of gender,

     cultural beliefs, ethnicity, language and

     religion, building up a positive self-image.


*   To work in partnership with parents/carers

     in an open and honest way, supporting

     children and their families.


*   To develop and maintain strong links with

     other agencies/local community by sharing

     information, resources and practical



*   To provide quality care and education for

     pre-school children by creating a

     developmentally appropriate curriculum to

     meet the needs of each individual child.


*   To support staff on training courses

     enabling them to develop skills and

     confidence to build their understanding

     and commitment to the welfare of all

     children and to build healthy relationships

     with all other members of staff.


*   To formulate and encourage equal

     opportunities for both children and adults

     by introducing appropriate equipment,

     books and games.




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